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Lu Thai Textile Co., a joint stock enterprise, issued A&B shares, engaged in spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing and garment production. It is one of the prominent textile groups which of the comprehensive vertical and integrated production ability, and has become one of the factories are of largest production capacity. Zibo No.7 Cotton Mill is the primal substantiality of Lu Thai,which incorporated with Thailun Textile Co.Ltd.(Thailand) and established the new joint venture company Lu Thai Textile Co., March,1990.And reconstructed as Co.Ltd. and issued 2 million employees¡® shares, became the first joint stock enterprise in the North of the Changjiang River.In 1997,8 million B shares issued, in Dec.2000, 5 million A shares issued. Since opened, Lu Thai has been developing very fast by reason of correct policy, good opportunity, scientific management and employees¡® hard work. Lu Thai Textile Co.Ltd has Spinning Mill, Dyeing mill no.1, Dyeing mill no.2,Weaving mill no.1,Weaving mill no.2,Finishing mill, Garments mill no.1,Garments mill no.2,totally 8 mills; 3 branch companies:Beijing,Shanghai,Qingdao; and 4 branch companies holding shares:Qingdao Luthai International Trading Co.Ltd.,Beijing Luthai Shirt Co.Ltd., Beijing Innovative Garment Co.Ltd., Dongying Luxin Textile Co.Ltd. The company has a total asset of 1,420 million Yuan and net assets of 1,380 million Yuan, and has more than 4000 employees; The current production scale of the company includes 88,000 ring spinning spindles,9,108 double twister spindles,100 sets of dryer, dyeing machine,602 sets of shuttle less loom,2 fabric finishing lines,800 sets pf sewing machine and a complete set of USTER testing equipment imported from Japan, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland. The main products of the company includes Yarns, Yarn Dyed Fabrics and Garments. It has a production capacity of 8,000 tons of yarn,60 million mtrs of yarn dyed fabrics and 5 million pieces of Shirts per year. It have Main brands: LUTHAI GRIFFIN,ALAIN DELON,ARROW,NEPTUNE,SHUANGTAI which had registered on their products: Yarns, Yarn Dyed Fabric, Garments, Cosmetics, Bags and Cases. LUTHAI GRIFFIN is decided as leading brand for domestic market and GRIFFIN is for the international market. GRIFFIN has been registered in Japan and U.A.E the leading brand LUTHAI GRIFFIN Garments and Yarn Dyed Fabrics have gained gold honours in professional contests for many times . In year 2000,LUTHAI GRIFFIN was praised as Famous Brand in Shandong province and awarded certificates by Shandong Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau. By enlarging marketing network and wide advertisement propagandizing, The two brands are very famous all over the world and they are also the customers¡® favourite brands .The company has the right of exclusive licence to produce and sell garment in CHINA, including HONG KONG and MACAO under the brand name" ALAIN DELON". The company has made joint-venture with "KULUTE BIERDE CO.,LTD." which has the history of 150 years and produced the famous garment with "ARROW-BRAND". The company has established and actualized the prefect quality management system according to ISO9000 international quality management standards. Every process of production executes the quality standards of Japanese JIS, American AATCC which is the highest standard of international textile products. The rate of first grade about the products is always above 99 percent, the products are multi-design, high grade and of high quality. The company has triumphantly developed expansive international market depending on the competitive products, best credit and effective strategy, has great relations with American PVH, English M&S, Japanese ITOCHU,MARUBENI, UNIQLO in business. which are all famous companies in the world. For many years, the 86 percent of products are exported to more than 30 countries, such as Japan, America, England, I taly, Australia , new Zealand etc. It is one of the largest enterprises in Shandong which create considerable export turnover. The company has received "double-excellent foreign investment enterprises" the best investment enterprises" of the province "high profits of foreign investment enterprises" of the nation," star enterprises" of the province for many times. the chairman and general manager, Mr. Liu Shizhen is the "labor model of Shandong province" and "labor day¡®s medal" of the nation. The company has made outstanding achievement for many years Since the company established, and maintained advanced level in the same industry in China .The sales income, profit, foreign exchange earned and revenue respectively achieved 740 million yuan, more than 130 million yuan,87 million usd and more than 61 million yuan. At present, the company is striving for the higher aim, by right of the competitive system, the firm market basis, and the developmental motivity after the a shares issued.