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Decline in November Brings Pressure on Year-End


 According to the data released by China General Administration of Custom (GACC), textile and apparel export experienced a sudden drop in November after 8-month streak of growth. The export of November stood at $24.35 billion, a 0.4% decrease. Apparel export dropped by 1.3% to $14.8 billion, serving as the major cause of the decline while the textile export grew by 1% to $9.55 billion. The drop in export was partially due to a large base number at the same period last year, and it also heralded pressure on the year-end export. 

From January to November, the accumulative textile and apparel export has been $272.76 billion, with growth rate dropping from 6.4% to 5.7%: the textile export was $102.39 billion going up 5.3% while apparel export was $170.37 billion, going up 6%.