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China¡¯s Cumulative Apparel Exports Resumed Growth in April


According to the latest data released by China’s General Administration of Customs on May 9th, China's textile and apparel exports in April continued to maintain growth on a year-on-year basis. This was mainly boosted by continuous policy of stabilizing foreign trade, supply chain recovery, accelerated delivery of orders and a lower base. Among them, apparel exports in April increased by 14.3%, driving the cumulative apparel exports to positive growth, with the overall decline in exports of textiles and clothing further narrowed.

Textile and apparel exports in USD: From January to April 2023, textile and apparel exports dropped by 2.9%, amounting to US$ 92.88 billion. Textile exports were US$ 44.81 billion, down by 8%, and apparel exports hit US$ 48.08 billion, up by 2.5%.

In April, textile and clothing exports reached US$ 25.66 billion with a growth of 9%. Respectively, textile and apparel exports hit US$ 12.74 billion and US$ 12.92 billion, a 4.1% and 14.3% rise accordingly.